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Art Classes On for Another 6 Weeks with an Additional Class Wednesday

Classes meet the needs for a variety of ages.   For more information e-mail Meagan at meaganflahertyart@gmail.com or call Sweetbriar and ask for Eric, 631-979-6344, ext. 302


Art in Nature

Young artists will draw, paint, collage, sculpt and craft projects while exploring nature and wildlife. Multimedia projects designed to celebrate the beauty of nature. Meet the animals at Sweetbriar, learn about rehabilitation practices and discover the wonder of Sweetbriar’s 54 acres of varied garden, woodland, field and wetland habitats.

When: Saturday 12-2pm for 6 weeks starting April 14

How Much:  $250 for all 6 Sessions + $20 Material Fee,  Members $220

Walk-ins welcome. $50 / Session + $5 Material Fee (24 hours notice required), Members $40

Ages:  Variable

 Multimedia Art

 Classes designed to guide young artists through visual experiments utilizing a variety of artist tools, such as pencils, charcoal, watercolors, inks and acrylics. Projects may include drawing, painting, sculpture, collage with a focus on expression, skills and creativity.

When: Thursday 4:30-6:30pm for 6 weeks starting April 12

How Much:  $250 for all 6 Sessions + $20 Material Fee,  Members $220

Walk-ins welcome. $50 / Session + $5 Material Fee (24 hours notice required). Members $40

Ages: Variable


Focus Fridays  (Have Fun Doing Yoga While Your Child Creates Masterpieces!)

Sweetbriar is adding yoga classes to their activity schedule, so we’re adding a new art class to ours! Introducing Focus Friday! Projects will be celebrating the animal ambassador incorporated into each yoga class and might be sculpted, painted, colored, hammered, splattered, or cut and glued.

When: Friday, 6:30pm to 7:30pm for 6 weeks starting March 23

How Much:  $150 for all 6 Sessions + $20 Material Fee,  Members $135 + $20 Material Fee

Walk-in Price: $30 / Session + $5 Material Fee (24 hours notice required).

With purchase of yoga class: $20 / Session + $5 Material Fee (24 hours notice required).

Members $20 / session+ $5 Material Fee

 Ages: Variable


All Materials Fee due at start of classes.


Bring a friend get a 5% discount!

 Click on the link below to register 

Art Class Application (1) 

About the Artist

Meagan Flaherty is a professional artist, born and raised on Long Island where she frequents state and county parks to draw inspiration from the natural world.  Prolific since childhood, Meagan spent over a decade fine tuning her skills and talents under the instruction of Jeffrey K. Fisher. Her work has been featured in advertisements and publications across the US and displayed in local galleries.

In 2017 Meagan joined up with the dedicated staff Sweetbriar Nature Center with the goal of bringing  a unique art experience to children and adults on Long Island. Combining her enthusiasm for the outdoors and her passion for art, these classes are designed to educate and inspire both new and seasoned artists, as well as to promote environmental stewardship and respect for local wildlife. Classes will include time in the studio, as well as time on the grounds as students learn how to work from life, often interacting with the rescued animals, or gathering supplies in the trails.


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